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Just as I wrote yesterday’s post on MidiVox, CDM unveils a new arduino ATMega328p-based synth – the shruti-1 – developped by Olivier Gillet, the maker of Bhajis loop for Palm devices a while ago.

Now this baby is getting VERY close to being perfect: on top of matching the “let’s have a a re-programmable synth” pattern close to, for example, arduino based units, it adds a nice LCD screen AND an analog VCF/VCA borrowed from prestigious old school synth like the Ensoniq ESQ-1, Waldorf Microwave and Prophet VS.

I’ve always been a great believer of the Digital Oscillator/VCF combo since it allows you both to generate freaky harmonics using heavy aliasing in the oscillator and “warm up” the result using VCF’s so in term of architecture, this is damn hot.

Let’s not hide from the fact this is one of the most exciting news from the music making scene for me in a long time, certainly beats anything announced last week’s at the Music Messe. At this point I have still no clue how many of the parameters are addressable by MIDI but even so, it’s a pretty groovey item !

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  1. EATYone

    A very powerfull synth (i’ve got one), but not an Arduino one, just based on same ucontroller than Arduino and like you say:”his baby is getting VERY close to being perfect”



  2. salkinitzor

    mind blown two days in a row.  gg!

  3. Peter

    From what I understand EVERYTHING is addressable via sysex, so you can probaly rewrite the os in real time with properly timed midi glitches.

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