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Today I’m releasing the small monosynth, the “Arduino Piano Squealer”, I made for Critters & Guitari’s fantastic pocket piano. Examples and the code, released under GPL V3, are available from the APS’s own page.

Hope you’ll enjoy it. If you got any comments, flames or WOW’s to say, please let me know !

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  1. Joost

    I should try it! ;)

  2. Derek

    You have no idea how grateful I am that you’ve made this! I bought and assembled my arduino pocket piano over a year ago I think. I played a while with the stock sounds and put it away, waiting for someone to program something amazing for this cool little noisemaker. I can’t wait to try this! next step, a nice case for my new favorite toy.

  3. Peter Kirn

    Thrilling work, Marc. Congrats!

  4. Marc Nostromo

    Thanks Peter,

    Hopefully the code will generate some mutations and we’ll see other engines for the A.P. !

  5. solipsistnation

    Ooh, awesome.

    Gonna have to dig out my PP again and take a look. I still have the bonus slider board hooked up to it, so that could be interesting.

  6. Derek

    Yes! Solipsistnation, you are the other guy making something amazing with the pocket piano.


    I can’t wait to see where you geniuses take the APP!

    A few questions, If I were making a fancy box for the PP, should I add another multiplexed 8 pots to make sure its future-proof? As in, can these additional pots be programmed to eliminate the need for the page function?

    Also, is it possible to add another 4051 or two to increase the keyboard by another octave?


    Thanks again guys and I’m really looking forward to making a nice box for this monster.


  7. grex

    I ordered the pocket piano after listening to your samples of the piano squealer …I just got the kit all setup and the squealer loaded in . It sounds awesome!

  8. v

    Seems I’m not able/capable to run it properly. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but after uploading the sketches all I’m getting is a constant bass sound, without pressing any buttons. Any suggestions or assumptions what I’m doing wrong?

  9. jacob

    ohhhhh! nice one! time to play!
    i will update you on the CFO process real soon (yes, it lives!)

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