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dms-20-iconI finally got my new eee pc 701 the other day which meant that, beside getting an extra 4G of disk space, I could finally tear myold one apart and start building my DMS-20. Originally I intended to do it with a friend, so he could take care of the integration details – because I clearly suck at anything involving manual work – but he  couldn’t make it in the end so I decided to go on and make a prototype/proof of concept in a first instance and meet him later for the final touch.

Opening the eee is a relatively straightforward task. I pretty much followed step by step the OZ instructions, then opened the LCD case to grab the wi-fi antenna, since it could be nice to have a wireless contact point with the synth later for tweaking or problem solving.

Once removed, the board is extra flat:

A quick test connecting mouse,keyboard and screen showed that the board was still working (ignore the bogus mini mac)…

In the end, I decided to keep the bottom shelf of the eee too protect it and give it some rigidity. It would also provide fan support (I have no idea how warm the eee is going to get once it’s inside the enclosure) and make it less delicate to schock.

Time now to try a rough fitting inside the controller case. In the end the eee’s board site already pretty tight in the controller. I kept the right side of the eee to the exterior so I would have easy access to the VGA, 2x USB and microSD slot:

Once fitted, a little wi-fi vnc ping to make sure everything’s still alright

And finally a little video demonstration of the whole result !

The whole thng is absolutely rad to play with. The abilitiy to boot it on and play it without thinking about a computer makes a huge difference. I love it ! Now I need to find the proper way to fit the external connectors through the side panel, allow access to the eeepc switch from that panel too and I’m right as rain !!!!

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  1. stan

    top class !!!

    i’m all wet now :-)

  2. Joost

    Love it!!! :)

  3. Michael.

    wow! I have this thing sitting in the corner … rather unused.

    Maybe I’ll follow your path and will upgrade my controller as well …

    Pondering …

    Great work!  :-)

  4. peter

    Are you keeping the battery in there? If so this jsut became much cooler to me!

  5. Dan

    Nice work! 

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  8. jg::

    Far out!

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