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Back from the messe

by Marc Nostromo

After a shitty trip due to my train being cancelled, I’m back from the messe. It seems that during these three days, the whole world’s go uber excited about teenageengineering’s OP-1, which I didn’t expect (hey, I was FIRST)… seems like these guys seems to know what they are doing in terms of marketing !

Although behing stuck on a stand doesn’t make it easy to find time to browse the fair, I did have the time to go on their stand and chat with Johan and the other guys to try to figure out what’s cooking.

First of all, it’s kind of a swedish all of fame working in there. There’s former peoples from Elektron, former peoples from ACNE (responsible for the beautiful design of the MachineDrum & MonoMachine packaging and user interface) and Johan, so the project really seems in good hands. They stay pretty secretive about what it’s really going to be about. The reason behind this is that they don’t really know for sure the  complete feature set, the price tag nor when it’s going to be ready. They are definetly not doing vaporware tho. They say people think of them as a “concept” company but they have ferm intentions in terms of producing whatever they come up with.

One of the guys refered to the unit as trying to recreate the magic of the old Casios, like the VL-1 for example, i.e. the fun of powering something on and have fun messing around with straight away.

One thing is sure tho, it’s going to be expensive. The case & display are amazingly beautiful but it will hit us with a price blow. I got the comment that it’s going to be “under the 1000 euros mark” which is pretty steep, but maybe is also a proof that the synth is not just going to be a little toy, it’s got to have guts at that price tag.

Some people thought the OP-1 might be related to littlesounddj or the gameboy scene, but it’s not. If anything, I’d say MD/MonoMachine, i.e. a new ‘swedish mystery’. They said they will release timely informations on their blog during the next coming month, so I guess the best thing right now is to add it to your RSS feed !

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  1. peter

    Im still hoping that wav synth joins the pulsesynth as one of the 8sytnh options

    And some lsdj elements make it into that tasty seqeucner.. :D

  2. nostromo

    Johan doesn’t seem to be working on the synth engine. He’s more doing ‘a bit of everything’ as he says

  3. Aliceffekt

    The first thing I thought when I saw it was, omg a new version of the Casio VL-Tone ! Hopefully it can run on batteries for nightly bus rides fun.

  4. peter

    A gal friday.. truly an allstar team!

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  7. illsynth

    These guys assured me there would be a sampler in this thing, as well as a really cool sequencer and other fun things. I really hope it sounds good… Elektron stuff didn’t always blow me away sound-wise. It looks really beautiful aesthetically though, and has some really nice ideas up its sleeve for possibly being the ultimate portable beat-making device. I also have to say TE are a bunch of really really cool and funny guys, and IMHO they deserve kudos for daring to make something different.

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