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Line 6: Yeah

by Marc Nostromo

A few weeks ago, discussing about the announcement of the open source stomp box, Paul Maddox pointed me to this page on the line 6 web site showing basically that they are about to sell programmable pedal with a full develepment kit.

Nope, it’s not open source but:

  • It’s reusing their technology so it’s dirt CHEAP (the SDK version is half the price of the coyote *and* every additional ‘blank’ pedal is 35 USD !!! )
  • The devKit looks pretty advanced. For once I might not have to spend 2 days configuring the environment.
  • The build is probably industrial grade so it’s got a lot of chances of being a lot lighter and solid than the open source one. Since a pedal is made to be transported, that is good.

It’s interesting that finally a major player in the audio field throws a programmable platform in the ‘open’. It mean not only you can get good/tried-and-tested hardware, but also that you don’t have to build any hardware yourself (a major limitation for me) and that it benefits from a certain scale effect reducing the price big time. I hope this could be come a trend (although I doubt it), I always wanted to have a programmable elektron monomachine core.

Yeah, know I said I would do only 4 ‘lines’ of project but I guess a fifth one just landed. I’d be extremely glad to get the pig’s scream filter in on of those for example…

EDIT: that is if line6′s web siteĀ  allows non US orders .

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