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For a wierd reason, I’m always drawn trying to get gear to do more that they were originally intented for. So, after realizing last month that the Kaoss Pad 3 OS 2.x image looked like a simple non crypted file, I had an interesting opportunity to fiddle with the data and maybe get the KP3 to do some strange stuff.

The first test I had to do was simply to alter slightly the image, upload it to the KP3 (thanks BTW Korg to have allowed the ‘force update’ option in the updaters) and see if it would take the modifications.

Since the patch is really easy to find in the image, I just substituted Drm.1 ‘HouseBeat’ name by ‘M-.-n HxC’ (since it’s got the same amount of letter) and uploaded it to my KP. For some reason it didn’t work the first time but the second one got it alright !

Now, this useless stunt aside, it is a matter of finding out what image modification could bring. On top of my head I can list:

  1. Alter patch data. Since the name of the patch can be changed, obviously others parameters can too, leading possibly to a couple of custom patches in case the choices of the build in patches doesn’t satisfy you or are too ‘tamed’..
  2. Maybe a long strech but if we find the bootstrat code as well as the CPU type and a dev kit for it, there’s a possibility to write our own algorhytms inside the KP. This could lead to DIY open platform but it’s way to early to figure out if possible at this stage.

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  1. Chris

    Oh wow.. this is great.. Id love for the kaoss pad to have an unofficial firmware like the Behringer FCB1010 and the Akai MPC series.. it would be great as I fell its a great product, but could be slightly tweaked to be even better!! – there is interest too:

  2. romo

    ahh yeah… what a great news!

  3. Inofaith

    Ah nice one.

    What I’m trying to figure out is how to enable the 5 buttons to the side in MiDi mode / external control mode.

    Imean why isn’t that MUTE button used for CC messages? 1 extra button for free.

  4. Entropygimp

    Glad you have this page going i think this. Oupd get big. I have hacked th kp1 and a minor hardware mod to the kp3 and recently have been thinking about hacking the firmware when i stumble across this.
    Great that you have taken the initial steps to accessing and uploading the code using the editor.
    My best hopes for a software kp3 mod would be to implement a sequencer using the 8 buttons on top for a basic 8 step sample trigger or using those toaccess the grid matrix xy pad for a 64 step trigger.
    This concept could be used for sample triggering but also fx switching finger movementts and any cc etc over a 64 step range ie 8×8 led array.
    The design of the kp3 is begging for this type of modd since all the hardware s i. Place its a mater of coding and slight modification of the architecture, it can also start off in a basic way as an open soure endeaver
    Would love to hear back from you on this
    manyworldsproductions at yahoo dot co dot uk

  5. Entropygimp

    Ps i have pics and serial numbers and names of the internal chips Here we go,……..,.,.

    Datasheets can be found online for some of the ics

    Ic #12 – DSP tms300320vc5501pgfCa-79akv7G4
    Ic#16 – korgX550002
    Note.. This ic serial was on a printed paper sticker i did not peel it off to see if there was any serial or manufacturer logo under
    Ic#17 – 0750pprV54c3128164vb17

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